Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm 2!

I'm 2 years old!  Today, mom took me driving and stopped to get something a couple of times.  She said she voted and got a part for her tractor.  Then on the way back, she stopped at a different park north of Frederick.  We walked for a little ways then we went down to the river where mom took my leash off and I got to go swimming!  I like this river - The Monocacy, mom says.  After a little while we walked down the path a ways where there were lots of dog smells for me and spring flowers for mom - Virginia bluebells, speedwells, violets, and others.  Mom let me walk off leash because there weren't any others out.  I ran down to a creek and splashed a bit.  Then mom decided to take a little bridge across the creek to a path on the other side.  It made a loop around a little island that abutted the river again.  I got to go swimming a whole bunch in several different places.  I jumped into the water and swam but then I wanted mom to throw sticks for me.  At the end of the island, we met some other people with dogs and all we dogs had a great time swimming and playing.  The water was a lot deeper there and I had to swim to go out to get the sticks.

I was so tired on the way home, I just laid down and slept in the car.