Monday, June 11, 2012


Resting in the shade with my cat, Syl
I'm still not allowed to play and run.  Last night, mom came home and I could smell my favorite dog buddy on her.  I couldn't believe she did that!  Visited Zepher without me!  I miss Zepher.  She's fun to play with and I trust her.

This week, mom's been taking me down to the C&O Canal for 10 minute walks.  I love the Canal.  So many interesting smells.  Lots of pee-mail left there.  The longer walk starts to hurt my right elbow - the one that got so sprained.  It was better on today's walk.  After we walk, mom has me walk on some uneven rocks by the lock and has me do waves with my front paws.  The right one hurts and I get up on all 3's to help.  Then she asks me to crawl.  Crawling is fun.  Then we go back home.

I try to play with my cat, Syl.  That works for a while until I get too rough with him.  Then he goes off.  Mom tells me to be quiet in the house.  I have to admit, I do get pretty noisy with him.
At the therapy place
At the therapy place at my vet's, I get laser treatments and a really good body rub by the nice therapist.  I step over bars.  She put them up to 10" and that was hard on my elbow.  Then I go into the glass box with her and walk on the treadmill in water.  Last time, mom put a tennis ball in the box so I played with that while I walked for 12 minutes.  We go again tomorrow.
Going into the water box

on the treadmill with my therapist making sure I don't do anything stupid.

Mom loads my new puzzle toys and I work them until I get all the treats.  Mom said she read on the internet that someone said their smart dog was busy with this puzzle for an hour.  Hah!  I get it done in 15 minutes.

I still have naked legs but a little fur is growing back.