Monday, August 8, 2011

Traveling dog – again

We left that wonderful place and Pete this morning. I had to ride in the van and got out to smell new places. I forgot to not pull on the leash in the new places and mom was not happy with that. She let me go down a slope away from the highway so I could splash in a river way up high in the mountains. It was very shallow but fun to investigate all the new smells.
Dirona in Alpine river - CO 14 near Cameron Pass
Dirona & Van at Camp in little clearing - Medicine Bow NF, WY

We stopped a couple hours before dark in a forest. There's nobody up here at all except us. Mom let me go off leash and we took a walk. I found some black cows but mom told me to leave it and come back. I didn't want to, but I came back to her. She was happy with that. Towards the end of our walk, mom lost sight of me and kept calling me. I got scent of something and followed it for awhile. I came back to the van but mom had gone back and called me. I went down the road to find her. Then we played fetch for a little bit. I like this place. But I miss Pete.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

30 mph

We went to the land again last night and I made it to 30 mph!  It wasn't for a very long distance, but I did it!  We also played in the ditch with balls this time!  So much fun. They finally figured out what Pete has been rolling in so intently.  It's spearmint.  I thought he had something good like a dead mouse or something.  I didn't roll in it but he seems to love it.

We found some gopher holes out there and dug some but didn't find anything.  I could smell them but I didn't really know how to catch them.

Mom has been cleaning up the van a lot lately.  She says we are headed out again.  I'm going to miss Pete.  He's so much fun.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More fun at the land

Racing the truck is so much fun.  Especially after swimming for a stick.  Pete got all the way into the ditch today.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Swimming - A dog learning

I am swimming in the ditch!  Gosh it is so much fun.  It makes me so excited and gives me tons of energy!  This place is just fun, fun, fun!

Yesterday, I got up the nerve to jump all the way into the ditch and swim.  It was hard and then I suddenly rolled over.  I'm not sure what happened but mom said the current in the ditch must have done it.  I got back to the other side ok but that was a little scary.