Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today, mom took me back to that place that was so nice to me but made me really sore afterwards.  They took me to the back without mom and the doctor did a bunch of that range of motion stuff and tested to see how I could move.  They also measured my joints and pronounced me cured.  I was glad to see mom when the nice lady took me back to her.  She told mom that she can start to gradually work me into being free to play again.  Walks, then off-leash play for a little bit gradually getting longer and longer thru a month.

Mom's been taking me down to the Potomac River boat ramp to swim every day.  I love to swim.  She throws a tennis ball for me to swim after.  Yesterday, a man and his 2 kids were way out in the middle of the river fishing and they walked back.  He said it never gets deeper than his shoulders.

Mom's been working the van house again.  I think we are going on another trip.  I hope I get to see my friend Pete the poodle again!

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