Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm Sooo Bored!

Best Buds
After a week after coming home from that strange place, I'm feeling better.  Mom puts a lot of pills in my food now and she puts extra salmon oil over it (yum!). [The antibiotic- done with that, Deramax - an NSAID, a pain killer, Dasuquin, and an herbal anti-inflammatory]  Mom lets me go outside on the rope on the van if I don't do much out there.  I like sleeping under the back end of the car and sometimes, my cat, Syl, joins me.  We are good buddies except when he's mean to the other cat.

I'm feeling better so I want to play and romp some but mom stops me and won't let me run at all.  I like being outside so i can see what's going on and smell things.  I can find hardly any toys so I picked up a catnip mouse the cats ignore and tried to get mom to play with me.  I dropped it in her lap and dropped it at her feet.  She knows that means I'm asking her to throw it for me.  But she won't.  She puts some treats in my puzzle toys but that doesn't take but a couple minutes for me to get them.  I just topple the flapper one upside down to get the treats -  really easy - and the jigsaw one isn't hard to get the treats out.

Mom put the cone of shame back on me a couple of nights because I was licking my legs and wouldn't stop.  They are starting to itch [because they are healing].  I'm learning not to go up the stairs anymore because she tells me not to every time I try.  it's confusing but whatever mom says is what I try to do.  I just wish I go run around and play like we used to.


  1. I'm so glad you are feeling a little better. We are purring for your to get truly well (and med free) furry soon.
    Hang in there sweet, you will be better in no-time!

    1. Thank you for your purrs. I'm almost done with the prescription meds. I would purr if I could because mom likes it when the cats purr.