Thursday, May 17, 2012


I have naked legs!
It's been a strange couple of days.  They were really nice to me at that place but my elbows hurt.  Mom helped me into and out of the car.  When we got home, I didn't get to go play and mom put this awful thing on my head.  It's bad enough I have naked legs now, but why is she punishing me by making me wear it?
Why, why did she do this to me?
She walks me outside on a leash to go to the bathroom and won't let me run even a little.  I get these extra cream cheese treats with pills in them.  I don't get to do much.  Mom makes me lie on my side so she can put cold things on my elbows.

Today, she left me at home for a couple hours so I just slept until I heard the car.  I hate the cone on my head but I'm figuring out how to move my head to stop hitting things.  When she came back, she had my hamburger and chicken for my dinners.  She took off the cone and put a T-shirt on me.  She said my new therapist (that I haven't met yet) suggested it might work to keep me from licking my sutures.  It feels weird but it's a lot better than that cone.
I can pick up my stick without the cone!

I've been licking my lower legs and mom tells me not to.  I got a fresh bone tonight.  Yum.
Ohhhh, the shame.  I wish I knew what I did wrong.
 Last night, mom put my bed downstairs and slept on the futon.  She tells me to stay downstairs when she goes up.  I'm confused.  The cat went upstairs and was confused too when mom didn't go up there for bed.
This is weird.

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