Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Therapy Begins

It's been a really dull 2 weeks.  Over the weekend, mom gave me 2 new games from Nina Ottoson.  The first one, Dog Finder, was more interesting than the other ones I had, but I figured out how to get all the treats under the sliding "bones" in about 10 minutes with no help at all.  Mom loaded it up at the hardest setting too.  Later, she put down one that was really hard, Dog Casino.  I could smell the treats in it but I couldn't figure out how to open it.  I tried to dump it upside down but mom put her foot on it and wouldn't let me do that.  She took off the plastic bones and let me try again.  Then I got the drawers open and got all the treats.  It's a lot more confusing than the other puzzles.  Later, I figured out to pick up the bones and I want to chew them but mom makes me drop them.  Then I smell the treat and eventually open the drawer and get it.  There's another one I can smell she put up high, the Dog Twister.
Dog Casino - this one is hard

Dog Finder - easy peasy

Today, I finally got to go somewhere and do some things.  Mom asked me to get in the car and we went to the vet's!  I like the vet's.  The vet took out my stitches and talked to mom for a while.  Then we went to a new room there I'd never seen.  That was fun and the new person was really nice to me.

They made me lie down on my side and mom held my head while the lady rubbed this weird thing on my joints they called a laser.  It helps my inflammation go away and felt good.  Then she felt around all my joints and pushed and pulled my arms and legs. Then she measured all my joints.  She said my right elbow is about 10cm bigger than the left one but both rear legs were the same.  My right rear leg was a bit stiff.

After that, the lady put some pipes up about 5" and had me step over them slowly.  Then I was supposed to crawl but I got up instead/  My elbows do hurt some.  Mom took out a treat and then I did it.  We had a brief potty break and when we came back in, the lady took me into this strange box with her and it filled with water while the bottom moved.  The water came up to my chest and I had to walk in it for about 5 minutes.  She said I did really well in it.  When it stopped, the water started draining out.  I almost opened the door but the lady got to it before it opened.  I was a little antsy, so I tried to jump up but they said I wasn't supposed to.  Then we were done.  The lady gave mom a bunch of papers so that she would know what to do at home.

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